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With state-of-the-art research and forensics.

Cyber Advisory

The proliferation of cybersecurity services over the past several years, driven by sensational news coverage of data breaches and ID-thefts, has created a confusing and crowded marketplace. Our approach, proven time and again to add concrete and lasting value, is to partner with our clients in developing a cyber defence strategy that protects their unique business needs. We focus on prevention, add a detection component that is sensible and guided by the threats the client faces, and bring in a response capability only on an as-needed basis. Our cyber strategies protect; moreover, they save clients time and money by focusing on what matters.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

We deploy and manage network and endpoint threat detection and response capabilities within your organization. Let us take away the burden of continuous monitoring and alerting by using our automated playbooks for threat detection and incident triage.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)

Our digital forensics team has the technical acumen and field expertise to collect and process electronically stored information for the purposes of civil litigation. We apply proven techniques and approaches to the perseveration of digital evidence and articulate our investigative findings in simple, concise reports.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

We employ a multidisciplinary team of analysts, investigators and researchers that collect and distill raw information into actionable intelligence. We tailor our collection and analysis efforts to suit your unique circumstances by marrying the latest tools and technology with proven tradecraft.

Insider Risk Programs

Trusted persons, be they senior executives, employees, contractors, suppliers, or third party partners, have the potential to cause catastrophic damage to a company’s bottom line. Be it the proverbial bad actor out to destroy the company from within, or the well-intentioned but harried employee who circumvents controls, the integrity of a company’s trade secrets, intellectual property, and other sensitive material requires a structured, purposeful insider risk governance program. 3i has specific expertise and experience in creating and deploying these programs into small technology companies focused on protecting patents and large financial institutions with millions of pieces of customer data to protect.

International Security

The localization of terrorist attacks in a globalized world, evidenced by an increase in “home grown” terrorist attacks throughout Western Europe, has caused multinationals with staff and assets abroad to consider the need for holistic traveler and expat security programs. 3i has developed and deployed physical security programs, site security threat/risk assessments, crisis planning and emergency preparedness, and business continuity planning across sectors. We begin with high level strategic insights designed to propel the business forward, and we retain that enabler mindset throughout the deployment of tactical security solutions.

Due Diligence

From vetting potential business partners to verifying the credentials of a proposed new director, our enhanced due diligence practice puts people on the ground in jurisdictions where the subject has lived and worked, allowing us to access court records that aren’t available online, and to speak with colleagues – not listed references – who will paint a true picture of the potential business partner, executive, or service provider.

Corporate Investigations

Investigators, generally retired police officers, are easily found in most cities and towns in North America. Licensed investigators are slightly less prolific, but still common. Licensed investigators experienced in conducting internal investigations in highly regulated industries under the guidance of corporate counsel are a rarity. All our investigators meet this standard;  we deploy credentialed investigators to meet specific needs, including CISSP, CFE, CPA, CGA, and CIIA.

Regulatory Compliance

Our deep financial services experience includes the build-out of regulatory compliance programs and supporting investigative mandates in highly technical security-related fields, namely Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank, and including FINTRAC, the UK Bribery Act, and Bank Protection Act.

Private Client Services

Increasingly, family offices are turning to 3i for highly specialized, bespoke security intelligence products and expertise. We’ve built Crisis Management Plans that incorporate an all hazards approach to risk reduction for both single family and multi-family offices, ensuring that from the founder down to the youngest family member threats unique to each person are identified and mitigated.

Geopolitical Risk Consulting

3i’s deep experiential base advising capital allocation projects in developing markets has led to a burgeoning political risk and instability practice. In addition, large companies with overseas staff call on the firm to provide an understanding of the geopolitical threats they face and develop tailored response plans and mitigation strategies that allow them to accomplish their business goals.

Our Approach

Our approach is straightforward: we listen, we learn, we assess & we validate.

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Vision & Values

Focusing on clear, concise, actionable advisory services is our core differentiator and is in our DNA.

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