Our Approach

We begin each engagement by listening.

We understand that when services such as ours are needed, you are often dealing with issues outside your comfort zone. We thus spend time up-front learning about your goals, your challenges, your people, and your operations, and sharing ours with you, such that our relationship begins from a place of mutual trust and understanding.

Armed with a deep understanding of your needs, we next draw upon our vast network of professionals, ranging from former “three letter agency” operatives, through to top civil litigators and former prosecutors, digital forensics and cyber security experts, forensic accountants, and journalists to craft the right team to solve your business challenge.

The team proceeds to deploy state-of-the art investigative techniques, including closed source (deep/dark web) crawls, to identify the root cause of the challenge quickly and discreetly. The results of this work are played back to you in a report that generally cover the following:

Legal and Regulatory Expectations or related Constraints
Linear Threats, with Suggested Mitigation Techniques
Cyber Threats, with Suggested Mitigation Techniques

We next transition our efforts from strategic to tactical, deploying mutually agreed upon techniques to solve the challenge. We generally include in this process a series of accompanying preventive measures (governance controls) to ensure the same challenge doesn’t arise again.

Once we have deployed our tactical solutions and accompanying preventive measures, our engagement generally conclude with a detailed written summary report and verbal out -brief.

And, while individual engagements conclude, we hope that our relationship with you has only just begun and we look forward to being of service again in the future.

Our Engagement Framework: